Introducing RipeX, a natural food preservation solution with no artificial ingredients. RipeX is the easiest, greenest and smartest solution to enhance the natural shelf life, healthy look and delicious taste of fresh cut fruits for up to 2x as long, saving you money whilst reducing food waste!

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Who can use RipeX?

RipeX is beneficial for retailers and consumers alike. It was specially created by scientist in Malaysia to not just extend natural shelf life, but to maintain the highest possible levels of freshness and taste of fresh cut fruits. RipeX also suitable for cut fish and poultry. Just spray and go!

How to use RipeX?

Simply spray the RipeX solution on the surface of cut fruits. As RipeX dries, it creates a protective film around the food, what we call biolock technology.

How RipeX works?

RipeX with its unique biolock technology works by creating a protective organic barrier to the movement of moisture on the surface of fresh cut fruits, thereby minimizing moisture loss after application. The biolock process slows down respiration, senescence and enzymatic oxidation which results in assist to prolong and consistent colour, texture in terms of structural integrity, and natural aroma.

Benefits of using RipeX?

  1. Scientifically proven to enhance the natural shelf life of fresh cut fruits.
  2. Provide peace of mind during all stages of display and storage of fruits.
  3. Efficient application (just spray and go) with no extra handling such as resealing or stacking.
  4. Effective in both refrigerated and room-temperature conditions.
  5. User and environment-friendly as RipeX is completely formulated from natural sources. It degrades naturally together with the fruit and leave no environmental effects.
  6. Non-greasy, non-irritating and fragrance-free.
  7. RipeX is safe to consume.

Fresher for longer

RipeX assists to prolong the freshness of cut fruits and also suitable for cut fish and poultry!


Fadzrul Dullie
Founder & CEO


Resty Fiona Yami
Project Supervisor


Widyaparamitha Salman
R&D Scientist

Raysius Modi
Lab Assistant


Cassey Francis Anahong
Junior Industrial Chemist

Nur Jazilah Natasyah Jatil
Junior Industrial Chemist

Charlene Roses

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